Skoltech is one of the best young universities in the world with globally-renowned faculty and research teams, unique labs, a vast network of partnerships and an alumni community across the globe.




faculty members




alumni in 68 countries


publications in the top 10% Scientific Journal Ranking journals and A class conferences*

3.4 bln Rub

R&D funding, IP, grants, contracts, professional training, shared facilities (for 2023)


startups of employees, students and graduates within Skolkovo ecosystem (as of December 31, 2023)

Top-100 young universities (by Nature Index, 2021)
First prize for the Prix Versailles “University Campus” category (2019)
Best university in Russia according to (after MSU)

Skoltech facilitates economic and societal development by academic and technology excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.


Skoltech was founded as a new model international graduate university with the vision to be one of the best science and technology universities in Russia and the world, renowned for excellence and impact. This vision is grounded on a fusion of aspirations. Skoltech pursues research in advanced areas of crucial importance for Russia and the world, being committed to excellence in results. The organizational model supports both curiosity-driven and problem-driven research that brings novelty and impact to society. This allows to be dynamic and responsive to changing environment. Skoltech distinguishing feature is Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Born as a Triple Helix university, Skoltech weaves innovation into research and education, supporting entrepreneurial problem solvers to explore, develop and launch new solutions. Skoltech has a strong international outlook, attracting students and researchers from abroad, conducting projects with international partners. Skoltech is a young university built from scratch. Our people are pioneers, passionate about opening new frontiers in everything they do.

strategy 2021–2025

Until 2025, Skoltech sets strategic goals to maintain a high level of research and develop technologies of the utmost importance, which can be massively introduced in the shortest possible time. At the same time, Skoltech is expanding training for knowledge-intensive areas where there is currently a shortage of specialists.

Skoltech's history