Skoltech is one of the best young universities in the world with globally-renowned faculty and research teams, unique labs, a vast network of partnerships and an alumni community across the globe.




faculty members




alumni in 68 countries


publications in Q1 journals (2023)


publications in Nature Index journals (2022)


publication output in Nature Index comparable with top world young universities

2 bln Rub

External income – grants, contracts, professional training, shared facilities (contracted for 2023)


startups of employees, students and graduates within Skolkovo ecosystem (as of December 31, 2023)

breakthrough technologies

Skoltech serves as a national think & act tank utilizing unique expertise for large technology programs. Research centers for Next Generation of Wireless Technologies, Internet of Things, Agro technologies, Applied AI, Energy Transition and ESG are focusing on driving technology results.

Some notable achievements:

Russia’s first domestic 5G base station
deployment of production line of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries based on oxides of nickel, manganese and cobalt
design and implementation of the technology for production of honeycomb packs to the national aerospace industry
significant national-level projects

The portfolio of sponsored research projects includes national level projects as creating Centers and laboratories in Deep Learning, AI, Multiscale Neurodynamics for Intelligent systems, Omics Technologies, Rational development of liquid hydrocarbon resources, but also R&D programs with industry, grants awarded by national agencies. 

the state-of-the art research infrastructure

The state-of-the art research infrastructure is a solid base for research. Over the past years, Skoltech deployed multiple laboratories and significantly invested in unique equipment. Shared facilities have been organized in the fields of genomics, bioimaging and spectroscopy, advanced atomic level imaging, advanced mass spectrometry, a fab lab for production, modification, repair and upgrading of products.

Top-100 young universities (by Nature Index, 2019)
First prize for the Prix Versailles “University Campus” category (2019)
Top 101-150 in Petroleum Engineering (QS, 2021)
Top-3 of the most popular technological universities according to Russian employers, Social Navigator MIA “Russia Today” (2020)

Skoltech facilitates economic and societal development by academic and technology excellence and entrepreneurial spirit.


Being an international university of a new type in Russia, Skoltech is the central element of the system of the institutes for development to re-create a foundation for national high-tech industry, leveraging the boost in research and entrepreneurship in science-intensive areas. In this paradigm, Skoltech fosters research in the advanced areas of crucial importance for Russia and the world, promotes entrepreneurship while training science, technology and business leaders capable of working in a rapidly changing research and technology landscape. Skoltech looks beyond a university 3.0, integrating research, education and innovation to achieve ground-breaking advances and transfer best practices to the economy.

strategy 2021–2025

Our strategy for 2021-2025 is to become a full-fledged world-class university, producing substantial economic impact, generated by implementation of applied research results, technology licensing, new enterprises, created jobs and revenues. Skoltech will become the 1st choice university for the brightest students in Russia, providing BSc, MSc and PhD programs.

Skoltech's history