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Intellectual Property Management
The team of the Technology Licensing Office, with many years of experience in the protection and commercialization of intellectual property, provides a full cycle of work on the identification, evaluation, protection, accounting, financial reporting and licensing of inventions and other IP objects developed at Skoltech. We know how to identify elements in the flow of creative activity that are subject to protection, formalize the developed technologies into a commercially profitable asset, taking into account all requirements and obligations, and complete the process with a successful licensing deal. The center's team offers its experience to support Skoltech employees, as well as external customers.
main business areas
Skoltech IP management: disclosure system, potential analysis, receipt and maintenance of security documents, balancing, evaluation, documentation of license transactions and payments
consulting on all aspects of creating IP portfolios: strategy, conducting patent and legal purity checks, preparing documents, obtaining official statuses and documents, dialogue with experts
evaluation and audit of IP assets, simple and complex license agreements, transaction processing and support

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