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Genomic Technologies for Practical Breeding
The use of the achievements of modern technologies of genomic analysis and genomic editing in practical breeding can potentially halve the time for creating new varieties of crops and speed up the breeding process for tree species by almost ten times. A necessary condition for such implementation is the conversion of the results of the application of "omix" technologies into a tool for practical screening of breeding material. Such a tool is the molecular markers of economically valuable traits
Industrial competencies

Development of molecular markers. Development of molecular markers for conscious manipulation of the source material in plant breeding based on ‘omix’ technologies, combination of crossing schemes, introduction of markers into the breeding process. 

Development of algorithms. Development of schemes for the introduction of new crops, development of algorithms for molecular screening of collections of genetic resources, including those preserved in situ, in order to identify donors of rare valuable alleles.

Development of methods. Development of methods of genomic selection of the main forest growers to increase the efficiency of breeding and seed production of forest species, as well as to increase the productivity of stands. Development of methods of genomic editing of forest breeds to obtain environmentally safe elite clones with improved traits for plantation forest cultivation with a short production cycle