Computational Engineering Laboratory

The main mission of the laboratory is multi-scale/multi-physics computational modeling of physical systems and technological processes, as well as the development of new integrated adaptive technologies for computer simulation of physical processes. A distinctive feature of the laboratory is its interdisciplinary nature, which involves the coordinated development and tight integration of scientific approaches in the fields of information technology, mathematical modeling, machine learning, high performance computing, mechanics, chemistry, physics and materials science, which provide the scientific and mathematical basis for computer modeling and simulation, digital prototyping, detailed understanding and analysis of physical and engineering systems, processes, devices, new advanced materials and manufacturing technologies.

multi-scale/multi-physics modeling and simulation of engineered/physical systems and/or technological processes
development of computational environment for multi-scale/multi-physics modeling and simulation
computational fluid dynamics
computational mechanics and thermodynamics
computational biomechanics
high Performance Parallel computing
development of high-order adaptive numerical methods
scientific and engineering visualization
development of high-fidelity numerical methods to support various applications in composite, ceramic and nano-materials, thermal spraying and functional coatings, and additive manufacturing technologies
molecular dynamics simulations
quantum chemical calculations within the framework of density functional theory
machine learning for chemistry and condensed state physics