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The main research areas of the lab are systems biology, functional and comparative genomics. The lab combines data on three-dimensional structure of chromatin, epigenetic state, and gene expression to obtain an integrated view of genome functioning in diverse eukaryotes, from human to amoebae. One more research direction is evolution of transcript splicing and editing. Comparative analysis of bacterial genomes yields numerous functional annotations of novel enzymes, transporters, and transcription factors; understanding of general principles of evolution of bacterial genomes and regulatory networks. Metagenomic studies are mainly performed in the areas of general or practical interest (coral disease, aphids, oil wells).

Research areas
o Evolution of bacterial genomes: from point mutations to genome rearrangements
o Comparative genomics of regulatory interactions
o Functional annotation
o Metagenomics
o Evolution of splicing and editing
o Transcriptomics – developmental series
o Epigenomics and chromatin structure
o Molecular noise and emergence of novelty
o Evo-devo