Communication for divers, photonic chips, and drone inspectors: Winning ideas at Skoltech Triple Point Pitch
Skoltech hosted the Skoltech Triple Point Pitch, a competition for student startups in the earliest stages of development. The competition aims to support innovative student projects.

Ten teams presented projects in the fields of energy and industrial technologies, defending them in front of experts in a 90-second format without using visual materials. This competition organized by students is a part of Skoltech’s educational programs focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. The energy track was supported by the Saint Petersburg Technology Hub, uniting major energy corporations.


Among the top projects are:

  • HydroCom (first place; 110,000 rubles)

This project aims to create an innovative underwater communication system for divers. Leveraging advanced noise reduction technologies and data processing algorithms, the team is dedicated to enhancing the quality and reliability of underwater communications for both amateurs and professionals.

  • FiberFlight (second place; 90,000 rubles)

Developing a system based on photonic chips for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), this project intends to increase data transfer rates while reducing weight and energy consumption. FiberFlight has established agreements with the Geoscan and LMT companies.

  • Dronespect (third place; 60,000 rubles)

This project offers the use of a drone swarm with AIML-CV image analysis as an auxiliary tool for the visual inspection of the aircraft, promising more accurate and efficient inspections.

  • FOSs Monitoring (Audience Award; 20,000 rubles)

Focused on the monitoring and prediction of structural conditions, this project utilizes fiber-optic sensors integrated into polymer composite materials.


Skoltech Triple Point, a student startup competition organized in 2021 at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, has attracted 120 teams over its two-year existence. Over 15 innovative projects have received funding from the Competition Fund, totaling about three million rubles.