MTUCI and Skoltech launch Open 4G/5G Radio Measurement Program

The Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics and Skoltech Wireless have launched the Open 4G/5G Radio Measurement Program. The project aims to analyze and measure the radio equipment for fourth- and fifth-generation mobile networks.

The program includes comprehensive measurements of the characteristics of radio equipment, both domestically produced and foreign. We invite manufacturers and distributors of radio equipment to participate in the program. For them, it can become a unique opportunity for scientific and technical cooperation with the industry’s leading experts, paving the way for developing modern communication technologies.

To start the tests, we have chosen an antenna from a foreign supplier operating in the 4.4-4.99 gigahertz range. Subsequent tests involve the analysis of the characteristics of various base station modules, including antennas, transceivers (RU/RRU), and computing blocks (CU/DU/BBU).

The program relies on the infrastructure of the Faculty of Radio and Television of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics. MTUCI’s Radio Frequency Measurement Laboratory, a leader in its field, is equipped with advanced radio measurement and testing equipment for assessing the characteristics of antennas and transceivers operating between 10 MHz and 8 GHz. Additionally, the project includes MTUCI’s anechoic chamber, which safely conducts measurements at maximum equipment output power while minimizing interference to ensure precise and reliable results.

Skoltech’s Wireless Center — a recognized leader in developing Russian equipment for mobile networks — has affirmed its commitment to the principles of openness and responsibility by joining this initiative. It has already distinguished itself by creating the first Russian 5G base station for the 3.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands and an LTE base station, which achieved a data transfer rate of 100 megabits per second as of the end of April 2023. The center has enthusiastically participated in the project from the outset.

“This project ushers us into a new era of the development of domestic 4G/5G radio measurements. The equipment testing program by MTUCI’s faculty demonstrates the university’s forward-thinking approach. It showcases our expertise and creates opportunities for collaboration. We actively seek ways to optimize 4G and 5G technologies, which are of strategic significance for the Russian communication market. We will use the practical experience obtained from assessing telecommunications equipment for future advanced research,” said Taufik Ben Rajeb, the dean of the Faculty of Radio and Television of MTUCI.

“We aim to foster open architecture principles rooted in the OpenRAN technology. This paradigm goes beyond the traditionally closed ecosystem of mobile communication equipment, offering development opportunities to new and already established manufacturers. We are committed to identifying potential partnerships to foster a broad spectrum of compatible equipment. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of Russian mobile operators. The Open 5G Lab at Skoltech supports this goal. The initiation of a joint project with MTUCI, a premier industrial university, propels our research and testing capabilities to a new level and allows us to extend cooperation to a greater number of Russian and international equipment manufacturers,” said Dmitry Lakontsev, the director of Skoltech Wireless.