Safety training AR-startup wins the ACCELERATE'23

On March 30th, Skoltech held another final of the ACCELERATE'23 Energy&ESG competition as part of the Skoltech Triple Point program, with the support of partners "Gazprom Neft" and "Energytechnohub Petersburg". This project was created to support student entrepreneurship and is developed by the student community. 

This time, the contest focused on MVP-level startups presenting their first versions of business plans. Eight student teams competed for a prize fund of 630 thousand rubles in the final. Some finalist teams began their journey at the PITCH idea contest held by the Triple Point team in December 2022. During this time, participants developed their projects to the prototype level. 

Each finalist presented their startup in a three-minute showcase with a presentation and oral speech to a jury consisting of representatives from Gazprom Neft, TMK R&D Center, New Industry Foundation, Skolkovo Foundation, and others.

The ARSY and Naval Sheep projects showed development and received high marks from the judges, allowing them to take the prizes once again. Another participant, ProxyFilm, came out on top for the first time.

Winner: ARSY

The ARSY project aims to develop a digital online platform for safety training, utilizing augmented reality technology. 

2nd place: ProxyFilm

The ProxyFilm project team is developing biodegradable bioplastic materials for packaging and other solutions for GazpromNeft-Snabzhenie and other companies. Their materials are fully natural, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials.

“Last time we didn't win a prize, but we weren't discouraged and kept working. This time we didn't expect to place, but we knew we worked hard and were doing our best. In the end, we were thrilled to receive second place. It was tiring but satisfying.”

-— Almaz Ibragimov, Leader of the project

3rd place: Naval Sheep

Naval Sheep has developed a 4D mathematical algorithm for distributing cargo at several delivery points, reducing downtime of transport at storage areas for loading and unloading. Their innovative approach streamlines the process and saves time for transportation companies.

Audience Award: Protein Forge

The team at Protein Forge is solving the problem of costly and toxic catalysts for petroleum refining companies. They utilize special bacteria that are biodegradable and 5 times cheaper to produce, providing a sustainable solution for the industry.

The Skoltech Triple Point contests and events would not be possible without the hard work of the student organizers. Their dedication and efforts have made this program a success.

Maria Korneva, PhD-4 and VP of Operations at Skoltech Triple Point, said, "For me, Triple Point is a great opportunity to gain experience in organizing a significant project for the institute, learn how to interact with large corporations, expand my network and just have a great time among energized people! I learned a lot during my time in the team, and I'm sure it's a good experience whether I'm going to build a career or start my own business."

Alekhina Tatiana, MSc-1 and VP of PR at Skoltech Triple Point, said, “Success is not a solo journey, but rather a team effort. Being a part of a community that fosters collaboration, creativity, and innovation can only lead to greater heights.”

Skoltech Triple Point thanks the project teams, the jury, and the partners - Gazprom Neft and Energytechnohub Petersburg - for supporting the program. In May, the Triple Point team is preparing to launch new tracks of the program on Social Tech and IT/AI spheres and invites all interested students and partners to join their festival of student entrepreneurship at the Startup Village!

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Arina Ivanova

Program Coordinator