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Skoltech’s ReSet team is 7-time Eurobot Russia champion

Skoltech’s Center for Digital Engineering ReSet team has won the Eurobot Russia 2023 autonomous robot competition for the seventh time in a row. The ReSet team is completely renewed for every season. 

Eurobot  is an international robotics contest dedicated to universities and robotics clubs. The challenge is to build from scratch an autonomous robot that performs the tasks specified in the competition conditions. The theme of this year's competition is “Robot Party”. The robots are challenged with the tasks: to locate cylindrical objects of three colores, grab them, create a “cake” made of three cylinders of specific colors, and even place a cherry on the top. At the end of the race, the robots must predict how well they’ve performed (showing the number of points they've scored) and dress up (change their color) to celebrate the event. The tasks must be completed within 100 seconds offline. The team with the most points wins.

Robots 2023 are Black Samurai and Orange Shogun

This year’s winners are Master’s students of Engineering Systems from the Intelligent Space Robotics Laboratory: Ivan Berendiaev (team captain), Artem Bazhenov, Vladimir Berman, Maria Dronova, Anton Kolomeytsev, Mikhail Litvinov, Artem Lykov, Nikolay Naglov, Sergei Satsevich and PhD student Aleksei Shcherbak.

The team and lab leader is Dzmitry Tsetserukou, associate professor at Skoltech.

ReSet team gratefully acknowledges the work of Maria Salmina, the head of the national organising committee and the Eurobot Russia organizer for 18 years.