Rosseti Moscow Region and Skoltech sign deal on fostering innovation for more robust power supply

On Oct. 11, Rosseti Moscow Region and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology signed an agreement for cooperation in bolstering the technological development of the Moscow region’s power grid facilities. The agreement was signed at the Russian Energy Week International Forum by Director General Petr Sinutin of Rosseti Moscow Region and Skoltech President Alexander Kuleshov.

Image 1. Alexander Kuleshov (on the left) and Petr Sinutin (on the right) sign a cooperation agreement between Rosseti Moscow Region and the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

As part of the agreement, the power grid facilities will be upgraded with innovative sensorics technologies and predictive data analytics, which use instruments for managing overhead power lines with a risk-oriented approach. The new system will assess the contamination and deterioration of insulators using diagnostic data and predict equipment failure based on its location and condition. By preventing technological violations at power grid facilities, it can enhance power supply in the Moscow region.

“Rosseti Moscow Region is committed to developing the company’s power grid facilities using national technologies. The system of predictive analytics based on weather deterioration forecasts will prevent emergencies and anticipate the location and scope of technological disruptions. Also, it will determine the resources needed for repairs. Predictive management of overhead power lines through equipment condition control will enhance preventive efforts and encourage quick response to emergencies. Together with Skoltech, we are making progress toward ensuring the full sustainability of power supply,” Sinutin noted.

Image 2. Alexander Kuleshov (on the left) and Petr Sinutin (on the right) after signing the agreement.

“Skoltech was created to accelerate the technological development of Russia by both educating a new generation of specialists for revolutionizing today’s technological processes and introducing new high-tech products that find their application in different industries. Without communication with industrial technological leaders, it would be impossible to come up with innovative solutions. That is exactly why Skoltech is highly appreciative of our partnership with Rosseti Moscow Region, one of the most technologically advanced power grid companies,” Kuleshov said.

Skoltech Energy and the Rosseti Moscow Region power company have previously tested a technology for risk-oriented management of insulation. Developed by Associate Professor of the Practice Dmitry Titov, Research Engineer Klim Volkhov and their colleagues from the Energy Center for the Yuzhnouralsky Insulators and Fittings Plant, this novel technology targets flashovers of high-voltage insulators in overhead power lines, a frequent cause of power outages in Russia.