Skoltech to launch the Smart Gaming eSports and research club

On June 3, 2024, at 10am Skoltech will inaugurate the Smart Gaming club, which offers (apart from the classic features of a computer club) a number of opportunities for research and piloting of Skoltech startup projects . On top of gaming and research the club will host eSports tournaments, master classes, and educational events to acquaint their members with new technologies, scientific discoveries, and insights in gaming industry.

“We aim at creating a gaming community around the Smart Gaming club. Since the club’s philosophy goes beyond the classic gaming activities, we will host a variety of educational events, such as workshops and master classes for children and their parents, as well as the tournaments and internal ladder competitions. The club’s standout feature will be a strong focus on science as an instrument of creating and testing advanced technologies and prototypes for eSports and gaming industry,” said Anton Vinogradov, the club’s director.

“From day one, we plan to use the Game-R ranking system for CS-2 gamers. It relies on the unique metrics designed by our research group to assess the individual player’s performance and contribution to the team’s overall result.  Game-R has been successfully tested in several computer clubs and at a real tournament at the Games of the Future in Kazan in February 2024. Game-R ensures fair ranking and the identification of pinpoints cheaters by tracking the players’ behavioral patterns using ML-based algorithms,” Andrey Somov, an Associate Professor at Skoltech Engineering, commented.

Smart Gaming with its 30 high-performance PCs, a VIP room for five players, a gaming console, and other facilities for comfortable gaming, will be available 24/7.