Skoltech Triple Point Energy&ESG Accelerate 2024 announced winners
The Skoltech Triple Point Energy&ESG Accelerate competition concluded its 2024 iteration with the announcement of its winners

First place was awarded to the "Five-spot" project, which introduced an advanced solution for optimizing the selection of drilling sites for oil and gas extraction. Utilizing a combination of physics-based forecasting and machine learning algorithms, the project aims to significantly reduce the incidence of dry or low-yield wells, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and reducing exploration risks.

"HydroCom" secured the second place with its innovative approach to improving underwater communication systems for divers. By employing advanced noise reduction techniques and sophisticated data processing algorithms, the project seeks to provide clearer and more reliable communication for both recreational and professional diving applications, potentially enhancing safety and operational capabilities in underwater exploration.

The third place was claimed by "Fiber Pipe," a project proposing the replacement of traditional metal cables with fiber-optic alternatives in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This technological upgrade is expected to achieve a hundredfold increase in data transfer rates, a twentyfold reduction in power consumption, a threefold reduction in weight, and enhanced interference immunity, thus offering significant improvements in UAV performance and efficiency.

The competition distributed a total of 480,000 roubles in prize money among the winners: 200,000 roubles for first place, 150,000 roubles for second, and 100,000 roubles for third, in addition to a 30,000 roubles audience choice award.

This year's competition underscored the progress from initial concept to prototype development, with "Fiber Pipe," "HydroCom," and another project, "Polar Inspector," evolving from mere ideas to showcasing functional prototypes and securing prize positions.

Seven projects that reached the final stage of the Skoltech Triple Point Energy&ESG Accelerate 2024 competition illustrated the student’s commitment to present their innovative solutions to industry challenges, gain feedback from experts, and accelerate the development of their startups.

The Skoltech Triple Point program, established in 2021 at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, is dedicated to supporting student entrepreneurship. Over the past two years, it has involved 150 teams and has allocated funding to 29 innovative projects, with a total of around 4 million rubles. This underscores the program’s commitment to fostering startups and technological solutions that address industrial and social challenges.