Skoltech to share insights into teaching tech entrepreneurship and lifehacks on lifelong learning at SberUniversity conference

On Oct. 20, Skoltech will participate in SberUniversity’s "More than Learning" conference. The topic of this year is “The Future is Already Here: Humans Augmented by Technology.” The event will feature around 50 speakers from education and technology, exploring the seamless integration of technology into education and daily life.

Skoltech experts will engage in two pivotal discussions. They will share insights into teaching technological entrepreneurship in university and deliberate on strategies for optimizing lifelong learning.

During the session “Innovations: Advancing Technological Entrepreneurship in Universities,” the experts will explore various case studies on development and implementation of educational programs at Russian universities, focusing on methodologies for creating technological products. Among participants are Dmitry Kulish, the director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Skoltech, Ilya Obabkov, the director of the Institute of Radio Electronics and Information Technologies (part of Ural Federal University), Leonid Sukhikh, the acting rector of Tomsk Polytechnic University, and Olga Tsukanova, the executive director of Sber’s Academic Partnerships Directorate, with Dmitry Kovalenko moderating the session.

In the discussion “Strategies and ‘Lifehacks for Continuous Learning: Methods, Technologies, Approaches,” Maxim Kiselev, the director of SberUniversity’s Business School and a professor of the practice at Skoltech, along with Lawrence Stein, the vice-president for entrepreneurship and innovation, and other distinguished experts, will share their personal experiences and effective practices in continuous learning. They will also comment on various lifehacks shared by attendees. The organizers aim to blend interactive talk-show elements with in-depth exploratory discussions.

Robert Agee, the president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Andrey Latyshev, the director of the School 21 campus in Veliky Novgorod, Konstantin Parshin, the executive director of the Skolkovo Information Technology Cluster, and Anastasia Manuilova, an editor specializing in corporate universities and HR-technologies at Kommersant, will also join the discussion.