Skoltech to unveil Kolmogorov VR exhibition on April 25

The VR Kolmogorov exhibition will open at Skoltech on the 120th birthday of the outstanding mathematician. Its highlights include a virtual tour of Andrey Kolmogorov and Pavel Aleksandrov’s Komarovka house well-known to every mathematician, along with Kolmogorov’s family history reconstructed from local archives. The opening ceremony will start at 1 p.m. in the presence of Kolmogorov’s former students and colleagues. The exhibition was created in partnership with Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS under the scientific supervision of academician Albert Shiryaev, Kolmogorov’s disciple.

“I have always been guided by the notion that truth is a good thing and it is our duty to find and defend it,” Kolmagorov used to say. This search for truth took place in a 19th century house that Kolmogorov and his friend Aleksandrov bought in the 1930s. Life in their new home followed a strict routine.

For Soviet mathematics, the Komarovka house meant more than just a house. It was home to a whole community of students and scientists who regularly joined house events. Occasionally, it served as a venue for large receptions. Even outsiders with no sentimental memories or romantic stories associated with the place — like those cherished by senior colleagues and mentors — can still draw inspiration for great achievements from the Komarovka house. In his study, which was downright ascetic with only a desk, a typewriter, a bookcase, a bed and a showcase with marine skeletons, Kolmogorov made the greatest mathematical discoveries of the 20th century, including probability theory with its basic analytical methods.

Skoltech in partnership with Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS digitized the Komarovka museum, which has been restored and is kept by academician Albert Shiryaev, Kolmogorov’s disciple and the guide and narrator in the Russian-language version of the virtual tour. The project team turned to the Yaroslavl, Tambov, and other Russian archives to restore Kolmogorov’s genealogy, which, alongside his amazing legacy, will be showcased in VR Kolmogorov in digital format.

The entire Komarovka digital collection, including a tour of the museum and interactive infographics with Kolmogorov’s family tree and legacy, will be adapted for desktops and mobile devices and made accessible from anywhere in the world.

The project has been carried out within the Decade of Science and Technology in Russia.


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