Skoltech startup presented Counter-Strike 2 analytics at the Games of the Future

The Skoltech-born startup Game-R presented the final game analytics at the Counter-Strike 2 phygital tournament held as part of the first international Games of the Future in Kazan. The Counter-Strike 2 prize fund totaled 500,000 U.S. dollars.

The startup’s new solution helps calculate in-game metrics for each team member in order to assess their individual contributions to the match outcome. The system analyzes game statistics and evaluates the influence of key factors on the game based on both common parameters (KDA, Multikill) and unique metrics created with the help of professional players. For example, the Support Rating metric determines how effective various types of grenades are in the game.

The solution was created by Project Manager Anton Vinogradov, Research Engineer Anton Stepanov, and Associate Professor Andrey Somov from the Engineering Center. Game-R differs from existing solutions in that it provides detailed analytics based on a set of parameters, while showing a player’s contribution regardless of whether the team won or lost.

“We proposed seven metrics, including five original metrics created with the assistance of professional players. Using various game elements as the basis, we looked at how they are related to each other and created new indicators. For example, one of the unique metrics takes into account the diversity and success in using grenades,” Anton Vinogradov commented.

The international multi-sport phygital tournament in Kazan is the first competition of its kind in the history of global sports. Designed as a blend of virtual and real sports disciplines, the Games offered five technology challenges. In the Tactics challenge, the players demonstrated excellent performance in both CS2 and the laser tag arena. Other events included a robot battle, a drone race, a competitive programming contest, and a VR game.

Earlier, Game-R presented its solution to Rostelecom as a gaming tariff option for users to gain access to game analytics and join the top league. All the game results in the “Premier” category will be summed up in the ranking and the top 10 players will receive prizes.