PhD 2+3 path
Integrated Masters and Doctoral degrees program path (PhD 2+3 path) is an integrated trajectory to complete MSc and PhD programs performing a research project and defending MSc and PhD theses within integrated five-years Individual Study Plan.
Why take PhD 2+3 path
seamless continuation into PhD program in case of successful MSc pre-defense;
some courses completed during MSc Year 1 and 2 are transferred to the PhD transcript
instead of optional courses, MSc students may take research credits
during Year 3 and further, PhD students can focus on research and thesis preparation and defend PhD thesis earlier
Who can participate

Duly selected first year MSc students willing to take the PhD 2+3 path

Admission and (or) Term 1, Term 2
Year 1, Term 2
Year 1, Term 3
Final confirmation on seamless continuation to PhD
Year 2, Term 8

Admission & selection criteria

Doctoral Program Committee evaluates the candidates and decides on selection to the PhD 2+3 path based on the following criteria:

Recommendation I during admission and (or) Recommendation II from potential Supervisor during Term 1-2
Term 1-2 and Independent Studies Period successfully completed
Motivation statement submitted
5 years Individual Study Plan approved by the potential Supervisor
No Disciplinary Board records