Our goal is to achieve technological independence in the Russian high-tech photonics industry. We offer advanced solutions and prototype products in the fields of integrated photonics, optoelectronics, space, and wireless communications.

The main areas of activities of the Center are the design, development and application of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) in the field of optical communications (terrestrial, airborne and space), sensor systems, lidars and optical computing. The Center is also working on the development of optical frequency standards for satellite and terrestrial navigation systems, fiber optic on-board sensor and communication systems for aerospace, and next generation (6G) radio communication technologies.

The Center participates in the preparation and implementation of a number of major federal programs for the development of photonics technologies. The Center works in coordination with all leading manufacturers of specialized products, with specialized Ministries and the Academy of Sciences of Russia.

The Center performs applied R&D works commissioned by state corporations, large and medium-sized companies in the high-tech sector, as well as within the framework of national programs for the development of priority high-tech areas.

The Center is actively engaged in innovative activities. Young employees gain skills in technological entrepreneurship in the frames of specific applied projects. Small innovative enterprises (“spin-offs”) are being created and successfully developed, designed to bring university developments to high levels of technological readiness and commercialize final solutions.

The Center coordinates the development of Photonics within the framework of the joint governmental program of technological development of the BRICS countries, implements technological projects and student exchange programs with a number of national universities and universities of friendly countries.

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The main areas of the center
integrated photonic technologies
system studies of problems of time and frequency, satellite navigation
wireless communication of 5G Advanced/ 6G generations
photonics for space applications

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