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Genomic Selection for Livestock Breeding
Genome-wide molecular marker information (SNP chip genotypes and sequences) provide an opportunity to dissect the livestock genome, which was a black box for pedigree-based evaluation methods. The development and implementation of genetic evaluation models and methods based on genomic information (Genomic Selection) will not only increase the genetic progress of the economic traits, but also significantly reduce the generation interval and expenses of breeding programs.
Industrial competencies

Development of genomic evaluation models and methods. Integrating different sources of information (pedigree, genotypes, sequences, phenotypes) in order to evaluate the selection candidates in farm animals as early as possible. Implementing genotype imputation method to reduce genotyping costs and breeding program expenses.

Designing the genomic-based crossbreeding programs. Identifying the best possible combination of the breeds and maximizing profitability using optimizing the crosses between animals from different breeds.

Selection index construction for Russian production and pricing system. Development selection and breeding direction using estimating the relative importance of the traits based on production system-specific features, cost-revenue analysis and the enterprise policy.

Mating-optimization to avoid production depression and financial loss due to inbreeding. Analyzing the genetic diversity using different approaches and designing the ideal mating with minimum loss of genetic diversity.

Developing support decision systems for herd management. Developing customer-customized dashboards in order to manage big animal farms and specifically facilitating selection and breeding programs.