Optimal Enterprise Group (OEG)

About us 

The Mission of the group is development and implementation formal and mathematical models and tools for optimization for enterprise/complex socio-technical systems design, development and operation.

The OEG have a particular emphasis on multidisciplinary projects and teamwork as fostered within the Industry 5.0 vision based on a strong collaboration with other research entities of Skoltech.

The research advances already existing theoretical groundwork — the previously developed Methodology of Complex Activity and related mathematical models and methods. The fundamental research program is based on Systems Theory and General Theory of Control, mathematical methods of Cybernetics, and their applications to control sociotechnical and complex adaptive systems.

The group has strong practical background based on the experience of group members: powerful set of process models, systems engineering tools and frameworks previously developed and implemented in a wide variety of industrial projects in aerospace, nuclear, energy, IT and other fields. This set of models and methods is used both as a teaching tool and as pre-developed deliverables for future industrial projects and at least two of these models should be considered as products of future startups.