The mission of Skoltech Center for Digital Engineering is to educate, research and innovate to enhance the sustainable development of society through a synergy of world-class academic science and cutting-edge engineering. From Systems Engineering to Robotics and Space Exploration, we craft high level educational programs and pivotal high-tech digital products and materials, integrating advanced technologies like Digital Twins and Product Lifecycle Management. Our focus spans autonomous robotic platforms, intelligent sensors, and AI algorithms, digitalizing sectors from precision agriculture to biomedicine and aerospace. Delving into deep science, we advance space exploration, launching CubeSats, and developing predictive models for satellite navigation, remote sensing, solar physics and space weather. With a commitment to excellence, we advance fundamental discoveries, bridging curiosity and utility with start-ups, with profound effects on science, education, and society.

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May 2024

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

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Russia, Moscow, 121205, Bolshoy Boulevard, 30, bld.1