The first qualification enhancement program on carbon footprint analysis has successfully concluded at Skoltech
The course on carbon footprint analysis is being conducted at Skoltech for the first time

"Our initiative managed to attract an extraordinary assembly of participants, including representatives from heavy industry, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and even a prominent private Russian space company. Such diversity fostered a dynamic and engaging learning environment, enhancing the exchange of knowledge significantly," commented Irina Gaida, Deputy Director of the Energy Transition Center at Skoltech.

Eugeny Burnaev, Director of the Skoltech Applied AI Center, accentuated the urgent need to mitigate the adverse impacts of climate change, intensified by human activities. He championed the role of AI in monitoring and data collection, essential for building accurate predictive models to assess environmental risks. "AI technologies prove instrumental in optimizing managerial decisions, playing a crucial role in minimizing these risks and providing immense value in these areas," he remarked.

This inaugural course on carbon footprint analysis at Skoltech was conducted in alignment with an agreement with the Analytical Center under the Government of the Russian Federation (No. 70-2021-00145 dated November 2, 2021).