The Skoltech Center for Photonic Science and Engineering is a globally competitive interdisciplinary hub for research, education, innovation, technology development and entrepreneurship associated with photonics, the science of light. 

The mission of the center is to advance and promote

- the development of photonics research in Russia, 

- national and international collaborations in photonics research, 

- a multidisciplinary learning environment for students,

- the commercialization of innovative photonic technologies. 

The center brings together leading academics, scientists and students carrying out state-of-the art research in the fields of optical computing, nanomaterials, biophotonics and more. Physicists, materials scientists, chemists, engineers and biophysicists work together, sharing knowledge and complementing each other's skills and talents to shape the future of photonic technologies and related research fields. 

The administrative structure of the center is designed accordingly, comprising 3 labs focusing on different advanced research areas (polaritonics, nanomaterials, biophotonics and laser-processing of materials). The Center's flagship papers appear in the highest-impact journals, including Nature, Nature Photonics, Advanced MaterialsNano Energy, etc.

The teams from different labs also conduct interdisciplinary groundbreaking research reflected in joint high-impact publications, for example, on optoacoustic imaging and sensing systems, photonic crystals based gas sensors and more.

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